I gots me a new toy!

Last fall I got a bit tired of hauling around the D3 and those big-ass Nikkors and when complaining about this I was told that I “should buy a camera that would make photographing fun again”. Ever since Leica came out with the M9 and seeing these shameless propaganda videos by Chris Weeks I’ve been tempted to “go back to basics”; hey, my first real camera was a rangefinder, how hard could the transition from world-class 51-point AF be?

Damn hard. After a week with the Leica M9 (and a Nokton 35/1.4 borrowed from Markus) I still feel like I can’t focus worth crap..

BTW: when in need of good customer service, get your photography gear from Optotek in Töölö. I was really happy for the possibility to support a traditional local camera shop instead of the usual “bad karma” stores like Verkkokauppa.com – and I didn’t even have to pay extra for it!

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