“The newlyweds will arrive after 16:00 so you should be finished with your soundcheck by then ..”

(they arrive at about 15:45, just as we sneak out the back exit, sweaty from hauling all our crap up that steep hill)

“Yes, there’s food and drinks reserved for the band – any allergies? You’ll have a choice of fish or meat dishes.. ”

(We get sausage soup – very good but very, VERY greasy and everybody’s farting like crazy after eating that. Also, the tv program crew has taken care of most of the drinks when we arrive ..)

“The Band should start playing at about 19:00 ..”

(at about 18:30 Timo tries to find either the maid of honor or the bestman just so we could find out about any changes in the schedule and other important details. Turns out that the maid of honor does not even know who the bestman is and neither one of them have any idea about the program ..)

“At some point we’re going to have some Scottish country dancing ..”

(.. and that point is immediately after the first waltz [played from an ipod as requested] – three choreographies, each one taking about thirty minutes, so we get to start our set 2,5 hours later than expected..)

So all in all, a fantastic night – not. Lots of just waiting around at the attic of the Klippan villa, then playing for about two hours for a nearly empty dance floor (after being inside for five hours all the people naturally wanted to hang outside and enjoy the evening sun). At least Loch Lomond was a hit, even as our slightly bastardized arrangement of the song ;D ..

On a more positive note, Clarkkent played a kick-ass gig at Kivenlahti Rock last saturday. Pics from the gig can be seen HERE.

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