A quick 3h photosession turned into a full 8h day when shooting some studio shots of my good friend Mr Ilkka Villi (whom you might have seen in several theater/tv/movie productions, on stage with Häpeämättömät or in articles regarding the forthcoming game Alan Wake).

We hauled a full load of equipment to Optipari studio (I wanted to only use my own crap and none of theirs since I was pretty sure I’d manage to break something) and just messed around with the lights and poses. Naturally I forgot a case containing “all the important little stuff” at home, including my Cybersync and optical triggers, all my speedlights and accessories etc.
Luckily I had borrowed an additional Elinchrom kit from Mika R. (thanks!) so we were able use more than two lights when needed. The only things that got broken were my left thumb (gaffer’s tape stopped the bleeding very nicely) and my right knee – all the new gear from Studio Varustamo etc worked very well; I’m really glad they talked me into getting a set of wheels for the boomstand thingy, it would have been a real pain to move around otherwise.

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