After confirming a photopass for shooting Clark Kent at Tavastia last sunday, I was asked if I might also want a permission to take pics of the main act. Shinedown did not appeal to me as such but since they’d been praised as an energetic liveact – well, why not?

Some takeaways from this experience (with the three-song limit known in advance) :

  • Try to find out beforehand if there’s a fenced area at the front for photogs; no use in lugging around the longer glass if you’re gonna spend those sad few minutes only 50cm from the stage.
  • Try to estimate the popularity of the band, also considering the organizers/sponsors; the show was sold out and somehow related to YleX radio so there were at least four other photographers and one guy with a big-ass video/TV-camera sharing that narrow alley. In this case a smaller gear bag would have been preferable, and you don’t have much time for lens changes anyway.
  • Try not to be sick at events like this. Holding back vomit while dodging other photographers trying get their shots is not that much fun..

Check out the selected pics from the first three songs HERE.

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