First session of Clark Kent promo shots taken yesterday at Nosturi. Since their smallish rehearsal space accommodates like seven other bands and ten drum sets, it’s just a wee bit crowded in there – a choice was made to take some shots showing all the piles of cases, amps, dirty furniture and other crap that actually form deep canyons in the room. Not an easy task, lots of reflective surfaces etc .. and hence a lot of post processing to be done.

Only one of my three “eBay triggers” was reasonably functional; one was unwilling to trigger the flash at all (also freezing all the manual controls on the speedlight when connected!?) and the other one kept triggering the flash to the rhythm dictated by the wireless audio signal systems used in the building. Fresh batteries and changing channels did not help. I gots to get me a set of Radiopopper JrX’s or something.

The colorful wall of the hallway at Nosturi provided a nice intense background for this simple, straight-up shot of the guys (not acting as gay as they did for most of the session). Lit with one speedlight shooting into a diffused Photek 46″ Softliter right behind the camera.

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