.. no, wait .. umm .. Omnium Gatherum! Performing as the main act last wednesday at On The Rocks (as a rather funny follow-up to two hours of stand-up comedy), this was my first time shooting a real hair band (although I think they’d prefer to be called melodic death metal). Not my usual cup of tea, I only went to see them since I know their on-tour bass player. OG was actually pretty damn good, but there was no way in hell I could have taken a single serious shot of their warm-up band (whatever it was called); when they launched into their synchronized moshing I thought it looked so damn funny that I propably squirted some beer out of my nose while laughing. Every move seemed so serious and pre-rehearsed, you could easily predict when a hair trashing part was coming up when the players took a bit more stable stances etc. This is a foreign show genre to me but it was unnerving to watch a show where yes, there was a lot of action on stage but none of it seemed to originate from having fun or enjoying your own playing. OG was a completely different story in this regard.

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