Sometimes you just have to take a picture of your own reflection in a window :) .. This one from the yard in front of Semifinal club where Clark Kent played a kick-ass show last saturday.

I wanted to try using a remote speedlight as a fill (since the shadows can get pretty deep at that place) but couldn’t find a suitable location for it during the soundcheck so I resorted to holding the camera with the remote flash trigger in one hand and the speedlight in the other, pointing it toward the subject at hand if necessary. Quickly extending my arm to get the flash at a proper angle was probably a somewhat unexpected action for members of the audience and I think I hit at least two people with the flash. Also, I hit vocalist Jaakko’s guitar a few times and managed to drop the flash from my hand right on top of bassist’s effect control board (turning on a nice distortion for the bass – I got flipped the bird for that which was well deserved). Sorry for the mayhem, for all parties involved.
A set of images from the gig are up HERE.

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