Since the last show offered such kick-ass poses, I went to shoot Killer Aspect again, this time at On The Rocks. The main act of the night was
Crumbland, maybe not as energetic as the killerasses but a good show nevertheless. I’ll probably put up a small set when I have time to go through the shots.

Btw, as I’ve been a Nikon user for the last eight years I’ve lately wondered whether the user interface of the Canon prosumer/semipro DSRL cameras is really as inferior to Nikon’s as stated by several reviews. Now I know. We bought a Canon 40D for my little brother’s 30th birthday present (the budget allowed for that or the Nikon D80) and I’ve been testing it for a couple of days now trying to figure out whether the lens I bought to go with it focuses correctly or not (since there’s no AF fine tune like on the Nikon D300). After getting familiar with the control layout and (rather limited) customization options of the 40D I still think the Nikon D300 is more expensive for a very good reason. Yes you can get used to all kinds of shit but the Canon’s bifunctional buttons are just placed wrong for quick use (by normal humans), the UI has some really weird quirks (you can not zoom to check focus etc immediately after taking a shot?), the most critical buttons (for my use, AF-ON and AE-L) are quite small and placed a bit too close to each other to be used with any kind of gloves on (unless you always want to press AF-ON AND AE-L simultaneously), the 3″ LCD is practically useless in determining image focus etc (I really didn’t think the screen in D300 was that big a deal, but boy was I wrong) .. The list of features where Nikon D300 beats the 40D has more than just a few simple points. Yes, Canon’s grip feels good and hefty enough, AF seems good, jpgs straight out of the camera look nice and smooth (if shot below ISO800, after that you get a good load of chroma noise), and the single-tap-reset-and-lock -AElock -function is something I could use even on my D3 (now I have to tap my AE-L button twice to reset-and-lock-with-new-reading), but otherwise, if forced to choose between these two – hell no. Both are great cams and probably more than good enough for most people/uses, it’s just that you get what you pay more for in the Nikon. The truth is Nikon has no equivalent product in this price class – a D300 is definitively a step up in features, handling and price.

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