Shot Palma and Kastor at Semifinal last friday, good performances by both bands. The D3 was excellent as expected, I shot all night with ISO3200 and could (sometimes should) have gone up to 6400 without any major noise issues. Some fubmling around with the controls (especially when using the vertical grip), but got some good shots anyways. I really need to practice my metering technique though; as seen in this shot, the stage lighting was extremely uneven going from the frontman to other band members. The habit of using Manual mode (from using the D80 whose A/S modes I could never tame in the metering sense) was a major pitfall this time, trying to cope with the new body/lens and less widely distributed AF points made me forget about checking the meter when directing the camera from the well-lit singer to the other guys and vice versa. I’ll have to learn to trust the CW metering and think about the best configuration for AF/AE-L controls. BTW, this was propably the first time in several years that I shot all night with a single lens. The Nikkor 24-70/2.8 is one damn fine zoom and really makes a well balanced combo with the D3.

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