Urban Dictionary:

1. Fumble

   When you are trying to make it to the bathroom, but shit in your
   pants before you make it to the toilet.

…well, enough of that. Good show last tuesday at On The Rocks, though maybe not the best ever. If any single band provided as many good rock’n'roll poses as Clark Kent and Fumble put together .. now that’d be darned nice. Btw, I’d really like to see the shots taken by Fumble’s camera guy; I’ve never been able to get good results when using a speedlight in conditions like these – maybe it’s time to try again?

ps. the next time I find out that someone has taken the liberty to use my pictures e.g. in Facebook without explicit consent, I’ll be tempted to resort to measures involving a can of gasoline and some matches. These images, as crappy as they may be even after a lot of amateurish post-processing work, are my property as long as I’m not getting paid to make them… There’s a copyright notice right under each pic – just because you’re shown in the image does not give you any rights to use the picture as you wish.

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