The more I think about it the more I’m tempted by the Nikon D3 even though I definitely do not need the 9fps, I really don’t like the fact that the vertical grip can’t be removed, my D300 has almost all of the other bells and whistles and certainly more than enough buttons and switches, but .. the bigger format and more-than-usable-ISO3200 – those are the things I crave right now. The size and weight of the D3 and D300+grip are almost equal, with D3 being a bit more curvy in the right places..

Getting a D3 would mean selling all my other gear (opening bids, anyone?), keeping just the 50mm, 85mm and the MF 35mm. What then? The new 24-70/2.8 seems nice but a bit pricey; would it be a sacrilege to use the D3 with some cheap-ass Tamron 28-75? And how badly would I then curse myself if Nikon comes up with a D300FX or similar in 2009? (I suppose it wouldn’t be that hard to trade down if that happens) ..

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