No, it didn’t actually sound like a solo played with a glass slide ;) ..

Anyways, a set of images from last Friday’s CK + LWD gig are up on the gallery page – and a few those shots are rather good, even if I say so myself :)

As a side note; I love photography for a very simple reason – it’s amazing how two people can have so different takes on the same subject matter. For instance, Niina from was shooting this same gig, the results can be found here (~30 pics) and here (~60 shots) – our styles are quite different. Now, I personally won’t even open an image gallery if I know beforehand that it contains dozens of pictures; displaying that many images of the same event kinda smells like lack of self critique. But maybe she was not aiming for just a few good images that would be visually strong enough to hold their own even if the viewer couldn’t care less about the band? Maybe the point was just to record the performance from start to finish without letting any artistic ambitions get in the way? I’m not saying that images in those galleries are bad shots, but if the intention was to simply document the performances (and if so, for who? The band members, the fans, herself?) wouldn’t it still have been enough to pick out like just ten really good images for each band? Did she simply publish each shot she took? I took over 500 and published, what, 12? Hmm. I guess I need to practice anyhow.

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