Although a bit hung-over and tired, I managed to drag myself (alone – you damned pussies know who you are) to On The Rocks a couple of nights ago for the first gig of the year. I knew Palma would be good but Little Old Lady was a really nice surprise – they’ve got the freakiest lookin’ bass player I’ve seen all year.

The above shot is of the Little Old Lady himself, a small series of Palma can be found in the ‘Galleries’ section. Little Old Lady had crazy swirling stage lights that made manual metering nearly impossible. Palma on the other hand had more static lights but sadly some blue (UV?) spotlights shining on the singer and the bassplayer, causing some really ugly effects and tricky (as in “I do not know how to fix this”) stuff when post-processing. The new Nikkor 85/f1.4 was nice but the 17-55/2.8 is like magic.

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