Clarkkent @ Semifinal and some camera gear ramblings

A kick-ass show with a good saturday crowd, well warmed up by the ever so energetic Fumble. I only managed to make it a two-hour/two-beers visit (instead of hanging around from sound check till 4 am) but got some fun shots anyway. Check out the GALLERY.

After 35k shots and two and a half years of hauling around the beast that is Nikon D3, I’ve finally had enough. Although I love the AF and the ergonomics and results it gives in near extreme lighting conditions, I just don’t need all those fancy-ass advanced features (nor the weight). So, after I’ve had time to have it serviced it’s going up for sale for just 2200€ – an absolute steal if I do say so myself ;D … I’ll probably get some nice glass for my Leica and enjoy a more leisurely way of taking pics while waiting for the successor to Nikon’s D700 (which is rumoured to be a 24MP monster, although I’d prefer the D3s sensor in the D700 body …) – we’ll see.

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  1. Tuo postauksen eka kuva on helvetin hieno!

    Comment by Markus — October 12, 2010 @ 15:44