Clarkkent‘s triumphant return as a trio @ Semifinal after splitting ways with Kusti

After 11 months with the Leica M9, I now find myself struggling with the Nikon D700 – it’s not the same as D3 and there’s just too many bells and whistles to worry about compared to M9. Here’s some frames that I caught on the first rock gig shoot in six months (yeap, it’s been a really really crappy winter and it took me a month to get even these posted)

CK boys were at the top of their game however, performing as a trio for the first time and dishing out a full set of new kick-ass songs.

Lots of aerials were offered by the newly-promoted-to-bassplayer Jaakko ..

.. and it just isn’t a rock gig unless at least one speaker catches on fire, right?

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